I received the PhD in Information Technology in January 2022 at Politecnico di Milano, under the supervision of Prof. William Fornaciari, with the thesis “Post-Cloud Computing: Addressing Resource Management in the Resource Continuum”. Previously, I have pursued the M.Sc Degree with Laude in Computer Science and Engineering in April 2017 at Politecnico di Milano. I joined the HEAPLab at DEIB in may 2017.

Distributed and Heterogeneous Run-time resource management is my main research line and it aims at exploiting personal mobile and embedded devices for computing cooperation in Post-Cloud scenarios.
Other research interests include smart environment architectures for human-computer interaction and run-time reconfigurable mobile applications.

I am also passionate about psychology, music, as a organ player and choir conductor, and aviation, as a private pilot (see more).

You can download my complete and updated CV here.